Ed Zareh, Secretary

Ed Zareh is a fellow at The Creative Visions Foundation where he is developing a program to benefit bereaved youth, based on the early parental losses of John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

Ed has written and co-produced numerous documentaries and biopics. His work on the Saturday Night Live documentary, “Live From New York!” helped that program receive an Emmy Award nomination. His original piece about comedy director Del Close aired on National Public Radio to over one million listeners. At Second City’s New Media office in Los Angeles, Ed co-founded The Shoot Club, where he co-wrote and produced short comedies appearing on The Second City Network, YouTube and Funny or Die.

Ed is a principle owner of The Zareh Group, a management firm, and has advised several non-profits on business development, including The Arts Earth Partnership, Laughter for a Change, and The Broadway Green Alliance. Ed has been quoted in The Los Angeles Times, Screen Trade Magazine and Vanity Fair for his views on sustainable business practice.

He enjoys playing Beatles songs on the ukulele.

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