Pam Esposito, Vice President

Pamela Esposito is a mother of two teenagers, living in NYC. After a short career teaching middle school science in Flatbush, Brooklyn, Pam turned her nurturing abilities to tame adolescents into a career in live event production.

Since 2007, Pam has worked within the live music and event community, holding management positions at some of the country’s most popular music festivals and venues in NYC. She started her career in live events by volunteering for, learning to combine her love of helping others with her passion for music.

Pam is currently an Executive Producer and Content Developer for a new company called reVOLVER Podcasts, while also helping build a new social media platform for, called is a social media platform where people will be able to go for inspiration and to be inspired to overcome everyday adversities and challenges we all face. While moving full steam ahead with her new ventures, Pam finds it difficult to give up her love of music festivals and continues to hold several positions at two festivals which she helped build and holds dear to her heart: the Chill, in Lakewood, PA and MAYfest, in Coldspring, NY.

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