About Theatre Within Workshops

Theatre Within Workshops offer a nurturing environment for creative expression, personal growth and project development. Established in 1962 by Alec Rubin, the foundational tenant of the workshops is transformative and liberating: Your real voice is your creative voice.

Theatre Within practice invites us to be fully present and turn inward with clear intention. We focus on the breath to become more of the connection between our body and feelings. And we honor and welcome whatever arises by expressing it without judgment. By taking the essential risk of un-censoring ourselves, our real talent emerges and work begins to take shape.

“The core of the work is improvisational,” say Artistic Director Joe Raiola. “It’s a journey of self-discovery and it doesn’t matter what kind of artist you are. In order to keep growing we have to fully commit to becoming more conscious and sharing our journey along the way. The workshops provide the training and encouragement that empower us to do that.”

Theatre Within Workshop offerings vary seasonally and may include classes in authentic improvisation, deepening the creative dialogue, songwriting, meditation, and more. Workshops are offered on a “tuition-free” basis to the public and at no cost to non-profit organizations serving communities in need.

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