Stephanie Carlin

Stephanie-Carlin-webStephanie Carlin has been the catalyst for countless children being able to express themselves through song and music. As a singer/songwriter, teacher, and producer Stephanie joined the Annual John Lennon production team in 2010 and has been a core member ever since.

Stephanie is the Founder and Director of Free Spirits Music, a mobile songwriting program for children designed to build confidence, develop self-esteem, and empower creative expression. With over 35 students working closely with Stephanie each semester, Free Spirits Music is one of the most flourishing songwriting programs in New York City.

Soon after founding Free Spirits Music in 2012, Stephanie joined the Theatre Within Workshop. “The Workshop surprised me,” she says. “It activated my most intimate callings and revealed layers of my own desires – desires to enrich my own life and desires to assist in the transformation of other people. Without The Workshop, I don’t think I would have been able to tap into my own voice so quickly.”

Stephanie is the bandleader of the unruly folk-jazz quintet, AVIDYA. Buddhist texts describe “Avidya” as “the fog in our consciousness, the mental states that cloud the mind.” Translated from Sanskrit, this incapacity to see reality for what it is defines “Avidya,” creating a mental barrier between humanity and enlightenment.

In 2014, Stephanie created the curriculum for The John Lennon® Real Love Project, which launched that September at the Children’s Hospital in Montefiore in the Bronx. This visionary Theatre Within Workshop, led by Stephanie, uses John Lennon songs as the inspiration to teach children to compose songs of their own.

The workshop is provided at no cost to children undergoing long-term medical treatment and in communities in-need.

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